Tuesday, November 12, 2013

J Cole - Crooked Smile

J Cole - Crooked Smile (Life & Rhymes)

+MTV  LIFE AND RHYMES is definitely and AMAZING show! 

Very own "Crooked Smile" singer J COLE was invited and talks about the story behind his hit "Crooked Smile."

By now we all heard "Crooked Smile" we all have an idea of the meaning behind it's lyrics or atleast we though we did... 

The meaning to everyone is or could be different. Maybe to you it has a different meaning then it does to me. We all take or understand the lyrics a different way depending on our current situation, or the way we look (physically) or feel about ourself.

J Cole breaks it down for us. He tells us how he put the song together and the meaning behind it's lyrics...

J Cole keeps it real throughout this video : (MTV's LIFE & RHYMES)

Crooked Smile: 

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